A game made in 3h for the Tri-Jam (theme : overpopulation)

Based on the bomb-omb mini-game from Mario 64 DS.

Sort the bombs before they explode!

Made to be played on mobile but you can play with your mouse too :)

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorMenica Folden
Made withConstruct


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New high score : 394 by Myriam


They're such cute little guys but so dangerous :^) I went from "this isn't so bad" to "shitshitshit" to "FUCKFUCKFUCK" Lovely little game!

Kudos on completing a game jam! :)


also high score is 197!


Phew my wrist hurts.. that was fun!  I got 278

My personal best : 113

Try to beat it ! ✌️


53 seulement... faut que j'essaie sur mobile ça sera peut-être plus facile qu'avec ma souris pétée ! :D


I had to try this as I remember loving that minigame. This is a good recreation for a three hour jam. High score 113.